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Gray Alton

VP of Project Development, Terrapin Geothermics

Session: From the Employers Perspective

Gray leads Terrapin’s geographical expansion across Canada and internationally. With 16 years of construction and project development experience, Gray scouts project opportunities and brings together all stakeholders required to conceptualize, develop, and finance waste heat and geothermal power projects.

Paul Ringrose

Training and Employee Development Manager, TARA Energy

Session: From the Employers Perspective

Paul moved to Grande Prairie, Alberta in 1985 and began his career in the oil and gas industry with Norward Energy. Paul spent twelve years working on sour critical, 15,000 psi high pressure work, offshore in the Beaufort Sea, the Mackenzie Delta, and in various locations in the USA. After gaining critical field experience at Norward, Paul transitioned into operations as the assistant manager for Norward.

Paul continued his career in the energy sector with key management roles at Precision Energy, Weatherford and Grant Production Testing before joining the team at Tara Energy.

From the beginning days of the Company until the present, Paul has played a key role in establishing our operations department and now heads our training and development programs for the entire organization, bringing his 30+ years of employee engagement and field experience to move our employees forward within the organization.

Connie Cook

HR Manager, Eagle Canada Seismic Services

Session: From the Employers’ Perspective

Connie has been working in the oil & gas industry for the past 10+ years with various companies and does have a good sense of the great work accomplished on many levels and enjoys working with the various people involved. Connie’s reason for choosing HR as a career is easy, “I love helping people understand that their contribution is vital to the overall success of the business and of course the personal achievements such as learning new skill sets, formal training certificates and a feeling of belonging that they discover along the way. Many of our employees have also gained lifelong friendships and a feeling of accomplishment – this and many other reasons, such as this quote I adore, “Leadership is not being in charge, it is about taking care of people in your charge" – Simon Sinek, is what motivates me to work in Human Resources.”

Connie further states that, “The employees are awesome to work with, and individually and as a team they really know their stuff. We have a fantastic mentoring program so that new hires can instantly feel at ease having been assigned to one of our mentors who can answer questions and help to keep our hires informed. We also have an amazing training and safety program in place so that our employees always feel safe and knowledgeable on the job.”

Jesse Vadasz

Site Manager, Comec Energy Services

Session: From the Workers’ Perspective

My name is Jesse Vadasz, I’m a born and raised Albertan. I’m currently with a First Nations company called Comec Energy Services. Comec is a fluid hauling company as well as mechanical. I’ve been with them for 5 years this coming January. I hold the position of site manager at our client site Imperial Oil Cold Lake. How did I get here?

I started out in the oilfield at a small environmental company in Lloydminster in 2000. This job entailed considerable manual labor and long hours. We chased drilling rigs from Saskatchewan to British Columbia and everywhere between. This was my first experience with camp life. I also spent a lot of time finding abandoned oil wells and gained the skill of deciphering legal land descriptions. I stayed with this company for a couple years and then moved on to a different endeavor.

From the environmental side of the industry, I migrated to industrial cleaning. I thought I had experienced physical labor at my previous employer, I was wrong. This was a whole new level of labor. It involved a lot of confined space, lifting, pulling, and repetitive work. Very satisfying and exhausting. The nature of this work took me all over Western and Northern Canada. I spent most of my time away from home in camps and hotels. I got to see a lot of our western towns and cities and developed numerous friendships that carry on to this day. This portion of my career lasted about 8 years. I switched companies a couple times and moved to my current home in Bonnyville Alberta. The reason for the move was to be able to come home every night rather than stay in camp. I had a young family and decided that I had lived the camp life long enough.

2012 – I’m 32 at the time and looking for a change. I decide to try my hand at well servicing. I got on with a local First Nations company that had a contract with Imperial Oil Cold Lake. This was my first experience with any rig work as well as thermal oil fields. I started out rough necking on a corod rig and worked my way up to rig manager and spent 4.5 years with this company. I ended up getting laid off in 2016 due to shortage of work. This was the first and only time I’ve experienced being laid off. Fortunately, I landed a job the same day I got laid off, so I never felt the full effects like many others have.

I spent the better part of 2016 running pressure truck and doing some camp work until in late 2016 I received a phone call from a friend who worked for Comec and wanted me to join. At the time they were a small outfit with 3 or 4 fluid hauling trucks. I decided to take my friend up on the risky offer and come on with Comec. My beginnings with the company had me in multiple fluid hauling units with sporadic work. We had big plans to secure contracts with oil producers and grow exponentially. Fast forward 5 years we have multiple contracts with large oil producers, 60 employees, and over 30 units. It’s been a roller coaster of a ride but very satisfying to be part of growing company with great core values.

The oil patch wasn’t my first choice when I was young but, with some early good decisions and some luck, I’ve been able to give my family a good life.

Lindsay McCormack

Trainer, Precision Drilling

Session: From the Workers Perspective

Lindsay McCormack is 38 years old and has been working at Precision Drilling for 18 years. He started at the bottom as a green roughneck, having never seen a rig before. He has worked on Precision’s largest Novus/Amphion rigs in Canada, gaining experience on slants, singles, doubles, and triple style rigs. He assisted in the construction of Precision’s Rig 571, taking it out of the yard and drilling on it for 7 years. He is now an integral part of the Precision team as a Trainer within our Field Training & Development group.

Alex Thurgarland

Fleet Manager, Cordy Environmental Ltd

Session: From the Workers Perspective

I started in the oil and gas industry at 18 years old working vac and water trucks on the rigs for winter drill programs and pipeline with hydrovacs in the summers. At 21 I moved companies to get into waste transportation, with this move I went from hauling mud to petro chemicals and waste. As the company grew so did my role, I became a field supervisor helping run various projects and programs. 15 years later I am still with the same company my role has changed from field to office staff. I’m currently the fleet manager for Cordy Environmental. I oversee are daily truck operations and maintenance and repairs for 3 locations and over 100 trucks.

David Hillier

HSE Management Consultant, Skyline Solutions Incorporated

Session: From the Workers Perspective

David’s goal is to achieve “Goal Zero” for incidents with every project he is attributed to. He has been fortunate to have been involved with almost every facet of the oil and gas industry, beginning his career in the 1980’s. David was one of the youngest drillers when Cactus Drilling was a company. He has “barely” survived a ton of downturns and is hoping for a few more years in this industry. 2022 will be his “Silver Seismic Anniversary”, celebrating 25 years in the seismic sector.

On the personal side, you can find David usually camo’ed up underneath his safety vest of course! Camo pants and now a camo mask is his style. He has had every hairstyle and colour imaginable.
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